Club handbook

In 1977 Pelé, one of football's greatest ever players, named his autobiography. My Life, and the Beautiful Game.

The book's dedication read "I dedicate this book to all the people who have made this great game the Beautiful Game".

The phrase has now entered the language as a colourful description for association football and as such was used as part of the title for the 13-part series charting the history of football, The History of Football the Beautiful Game.

Prior to the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Nike launched a marketing campaign dubbed "Joga Bonito" which set out to explore the Brazilian idea of the game.

Joga Bonito means "play beautiful"

And is itself a phrase used in football all over the world today.


Assistant Treasurer JOANNE BROWN
Liaison Officer (Fixture Sec) TERRY BRIGHT
Child Welfare Officers ALEX WARD & ALAN BIRCHALL
Club Development Officer ALAN BIRCHALL

U7’S Manager: Simon and Sharon Steed
U10’s Manager: ALAN BIRCHALL
U12’S Manager: JOHN COX


Reddish North End would like to welcome you to our club, and we would hope that during your stay here you enjoy the club, the players and staff, and the friendly environment that we try to create down at the club on match days, training nights, and social events.

Our goal is to give good quality football to all our kids at grassroots level, and to provide a springboard for their aspirations as footballers.
Unfortunately some will make the grade while others won’t, but during their stay here we hope they learn new skills “sporting and social” and above all enjoying taking part in the sport and what we have to offer them.

Hundreds have passed through the doors over the years and we hope that solid friendships have been formed and that memories stay with you for many years to come.

There is nothing better on a weekend morning than watching the kids troop out onto the pitches, playing their game, enjoying the moment, and hopefully winning to boot.
A simple game which gives so much too so many

Reddish North End Football Club


The club is always looking for sponsorship from any source; we try to encourage coaches to raise money for their individual teams either through fund raising events or deals with local businesses in the surrounding areas.
Any monies raised can be spent however the committee see fit, buying new kit, training wear, trophies etc.
The club itself is always looking for grants from sports funds to assist us with training equipment, balls nets etc.
If you feel you are in a position to help with sponsorship then we would be very interested indeed.


Club fees (at the time of writing, July 2015) consist of:

  • A one off signing on fee per season of £30.00
  • Club membership; a fee of £15.00 per month, paid over 12 monthly increments shall be paid by standing order.
  • Any remuneration through injury or illness will be paid back at the committee’s discretion.
  • Membership fees will pay for club running costs, match day dues and training night’s equipment etc.


Our academy is a great success as some of you may know, we start from under 6’s where the kids gain the ball skills and touch they will need for playing as part of a team further down the line.
Our youngest team starts at under 7’s level, where we usually form a new team mainly from our crop of academy players.
From 9’s through to 16’s these teams will be entered into the Stockport Metro League or Tameside League

Soccer Academy

Our academy runs from 6pm – 7pm every Tuesday evening (on North Reddish Park) all year round and we take kids from 5 upwards. Here they learn the basics of football passing, movement, touch and control and it gives the kids the chance to get involved with the sport. All kids have different motor skills and our coaches work along side the kids to get the maximum out of them.
During their time at the academy all progress will be monitored ready for placing the kids into teams also parents reactions will be watched to see if they have the right potential to take on the role of team coach, this is usually dad and lad, but from time to time women too have expressed interest in coaching the new under 7’s team.


All our coaches are invited to take their level 1 certificate as part of the clubs FA chartered status. Here they will learn about child protection, first aid, and best practices, which means being diligent at all times, being early for matches and practice sessions, dressed accordingly, to be attentive to parent and player needs on a personal level, and also to be well informed should you need answers to any questions you may ask. Also at this point they will be required by law to take a mandatory CRB check (criminal records bureau).
As a rule of thumb we are required to have one coach per sixteen kids, here at Reddish North End we have one per eight on average which means two coaches per team all of which are at level 1 or higher.


All players will be given a contract in writing or to play football at the club on a 1 year basis, they will also be given the codes of conduct to read and sign along with parents.

Management Styles

As in all walks of life peoples approach to situations are different and varied and this applies to coaches at the club. Some will be strong of character while others may use a softer approach the club recognize this and will not interfere with the day to day running of the teams.
However coaches work within a guideline set down by the club and if we feel a need to get involved in certain situations to resolve any issues, then we will do so with immediate effect.

Team Selection

All our coaches have the full backing of the club regarding team selections, this has always been a bone of contention with parents and players and hopefully it will remain so for the good of the game.
Team picking is the job of the coach and no other individuals. Remember coaches pick teams on merit and not favouritism or faiReddish_umbracoss, the good of the team will always be the top priority and not the individual.

Signing & Releasing Players

This will be the sole responsibility of the coaches and no other party, during or at the end of the season if the coach feels the need to strengthen his squad, either by bringing in better players or releasing those who have not progressed sufficiently to be asked to sign for the next season, then this is his/her right as coach.
Remember they have worked with your child and will be fully aware of their abilities both physical and mental and whether or not they have progressed sufficiently to be asked back next season. Remember our adage below…….

(The good of the team will always come first)


All kit is the property of the club and not the individual and must be kept in good order at all times; most of our kits are renewed on a biannual basis. Receiving a kit from the club does not mean the players can now relax in their duty to progress their football and work rate in fact quite the opposite, giving their best efforts at all times is essential to their longevity at the club. Any person deciding to leave the club must return all outstanding kit ASAP.


Most of our teams will play in the Stockport Metro, and be expected to do well in their respective divisions. As a club we have certain expectancy from the teams to do well and achieve excellence.


Only 8’s 9’s & 10’s will receive awards for small sided games from the Metro league as they are considered non competitive in these age bands. All other age groups from 11’s upwards play full sided 11 a side and as such awards have to be won on merit. This means winning your divisional championship or coming runners up.

Club Presentation Night

As a club we have our own Presentation Night usually after the Metro, in which all players from the club including the academy players receive a squad award trophy for their effort and hard work during the season.

Main trophies consist of:

  • Manager’s player of the year
  • Player’s player of the year
  • Parent’s player of the year
  • Most improved player of the year
  • Most sporting player of the year

These five awards will be given to each squad of players and be decided by coaches, players and parents.
A special club person of the year will be awarded to someone who has given most to the club over the recent season through their hard work and Endeavour.

Fund Raising

The Club endorses all forms of fund raising for their teams whether it be by individuals or as a collective. As parents you are entitled to raise funds in what ever way possible for teams you are associated with, from time to time coaches may ask for your assistance in such matters. We will also have annual fun days, fund raising evenings and Christmas raffles.
It is important to remember here that all monies and donations are collected on behalf of Reddish North End as a whole.

Leaving the Club

From time to time coaches and parents do have irreconcilable differences with the club and in such cases if any of the above do leave, then all kit and monies collected under our club name will remain the property of the club.
If any team decides to leave on mass then the same ruling applies.
Failure to comply by any party above will result in legal action.

Grievance Procedure

Most clubs operate an open door policy, and as such your first contact should be with your coach (A good tip here is never to approach the coach before, during, or immediately after a game).
After training is usually a better time or arrange a time convenient to you both.
If after this you are still not happy then if you know a member of the committee ask for their advice, ultimately you should write a letter to the secretary where it will be brought before the committee at the earliest opportunity.

Secretary details can be found on the website.

Club Philosophy

Every club should have its own philosophy, some put the emphasis on fun others on competition and winning, it’s up to you as parents to ultimately decide which suits your needs. Remember those clubs who have a healthy competition for places and winning usually advance their players at a faster rate than those who emphasise a more fun approach.

Our Philosophy at Reddish North End Football Club
All of our coaches are FA trained and have passed level 1 status before they are allowed to coach your children.
All are trained in child protection and first aid, we have welfare officers and child protection officers at the club, we are goveReddish_umbracod by the Codes of conduct laid down by the FA and we have a strict anti bullying policy in place. We try to promote the game in a fun and enjoyable way. Promoting fair play (rules) and a good family atmosphere are two things high on our club agenda.
We encourage parent support on match days but will not condone abuse of coaches, officials, away supporters or players. Our ambition is to turn out quality footballers and quality teams capable of challenging for honours each year, this means our team emphasis is largely on league standings.
However as a result of this our players do operate on a year to year basis, with player progression, ability and performance the benchmark for our success.
We do operate an open door policy at the club where we would hope to deal fairly with any issues that cause you concern, we also have a protocol in place for more serious issues raised.

If you decide the club does not meet your current criteria then you, as a parent have the ultimate right in utilising your options and we wish you all well in finding a club more suited to your individual needs.
Now you have taken the time out to read this hand booklet we hope you have every success in attaining the right club to fill both you, and your Childs needs.
We hope we have been informative and covered most of the issues you may have concerning the club.
Reddish_umbracoFC Committee.

A footnote from our Chairman

We hope having read this booklet that you are satisfied that Reddish North End Football Club is the right club for you and your child.
The club was formed (for the purpose of helping and educating young people, through their leisure time activities) also to develop their physical and mental capabilities, giving them tools for life so they grow to full maturity as individuals, and improving them as members of society.
This ethos continues to the present time.
Remember we are not professionals in the true sense of the word, as we are all unpaid volunteers doing our best for your child for no monitory gain; we do it because we believe in it.
Please enjoy your time at the club in the years to come.

John Hargreaves